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And NEVER give money if it is asked for – even if they seem like a genuine person.Scam artists are exceptionally good at seeming like really nice people who just happen to need a few hundred dollars for some emergency! Next week, I’ll talk about a few other things to be wary of, but the important thing to remember is that the overwhelming majority of people that you’ll encounter are there for the same reasons as you!A woman taking part in a TV experiment examining racism in dating has sparked outrage from viewers after claiming she was not attracted to a black man because his 'nose was flaring' and it made him look 'angry'. The Dating Game, presenter and sociologist Emma Dabiri set out to explore just how much race played a part when it comes to choosing a love match.But one red-headed white female participant sparked a flurry of angry tweets when she explained she was not attracted to a black man because of his nose.'His nose looks like it’s flaring too much,' before she added, 'You know when people are angry?

'One person said they had to rewind her TV to check they had heard her correctly, while others were 'irritated' and 'cringed' at the comment.

I’m a highly technical person and know a lot about the Internet and how it works.

I became interested in this subject because one of my best friends is currently being scammed and she is in such denial so I realized I needed to find proof so I could show her that indeed she is dating a scammer.

After browsing just a few pages only I saw thins like seeing the same profile picture on different profiles with different names and locations. I also noticed the exact same profile description matched other profiles word for word. It said it was new but the posts were several years old.

Yet when you upload your own picture they say they will post it after verification. Then on the very bottom I noticed something inconspicuous.

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